What does Avant.Dev offer artists that other galleries do not?

How does Avant.Dev ensure fair appraisals of artist's works?

What is Avant.Dev's commission on sales, and what is included in this fee?

How does Avant.Dev ensure that the shipping process is safe and secure?

What is Avant.Dev's approach to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the fine arts and culture sector?

How does Avant.Dev handle NFT sales, and what are the associated fees?

What is Avant.Dev's approach to identity verification, and how is fraud prevented?

How does Avant.Dev handle bidding policies, and how are pre-arranged scenarios established?

What is the process for canceling an agreement with Avant.Dev, and what costs are associated with this?

How does Avant.Dev handle complaints related to GDPR and data management, and what are the artist's rights in this regard?